/rəˈfreSH/ - verb: 1. give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate.

synonyms: reinvigorate, revitalize, revive, restore, fortify, enliven, perk up, stimulate, freshen, energize, exhilarate, reanimate, re-energize, wake up, revivify

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Everything in life functions better when it's been refreshed.  Your body, your mind, your home decor, your wardrobe, and even your cell phone benefit from being refreshed from time to time.  It's no different with relationships.  Whether you're a newlywed, an old veteran, or just thinking about getting married, your life and future could seriously benefit from a weekend refresher.  God wants your marriage healthy, strong and full of life.  The 2018 Marriage Refresher will help fortify and prepare singles, engaged individuals, and married couples to live and enjoy freshness all over again!

Registration is $15 per person through June 13, 2018and $20 thereafter. Pay via the above Pay Now Link.

Our guest facilitator, Elder Warren E. Anderson, is the author of "Until Death Do Us Part: Stemming the Tide of Divorce in the Church"  as well as "The Unseen Civil War: The Battle Between Our Flesh and The Spirit" He and his wife, Itzel, live in Columbus, Ohio.