Windows 2018 Project

Windows 2018 Project @EGCC

Since the Lord blessed us to purchase our beautiful sanctuary back in 2001, we have endeavored to do whatever necessary to beautify the Lord’s house and make all of our facilities attractive and inviting.  As you can imagine, a structure built in 1936 has needed several major repairs and improvements, and we have made them joyfully.

Our major building project this year (2018) is replacing all of the original windows in the main building.  Those outdated, inefficient, and inoperable windows will be replaced with modern, vinyl-framed windows that will be clean, impact-resistant, sound-dampening and energy-efficient.  Simply put, these new windows will make our sanctuary look better, sound better and feel better.  The cost of this project will be $35,000 and take about 8-10 weeks to complete.

You can take part in this sowing opportunity.  To give an offering specifically for our 2018 Windows Project, click on the “DONATE” button now.

Windows 2018 progress @EGCC