2019 Raise-the-roof Project

Windows 2018 progress @EGCC

2 KINGS 12:11 (Jubilee Bible 2000)“And they gave sufficient money into the hands of those that did the work and of those that had the responsibility of the house of the LORD; and they laid it out to the carpenters and builders that repaired the house of the LORD.”

In 2018, Apostle/Prophet Philip D. Derber declared by the unction of the Holy Ghost that our church property is “prime real estate”.  We agree and will continue to beautify the Lord’s house for His glory!  Last year, we replaced all of the windows in the main building with new impact-resistant, sound-dampening and energy-efficient windows.  That project cost just over $30,000 and it was money well-spent.

Our first major project this year is to replace the roofs on both the main sanctuary as well as the adjacent auxiliary building.  The current roofs are very old and have experienced storm damage in recent years.  The new roofs will tie both buildings together in color and design and add energy-saving features. The expected cost for this project will be $25,000.

You can take part in this sowing opportunity by giving an offering specifically for our 2019 Raise-the-Roof Project.