2020 Fasting Guidelines

Scripture Reading Plan

The Book of Revelation recounts the vision seen by the Apostle John as an exiled prisoner on the Island of Patmos.  God revealed things to him about current and future events.  We are living in a time of vision manifestation, where many of the things John saw will come to pass.  As you read, see Christ's ultimate triumph over Satan and his kingdom, and remember that we are victorious in Christ's victory!

1. Saturday, January 11th - Revelation Chapter 1

2. Sunday, January 12th - Revelation Chapter 2

3. Monday, January 13th - Revelation Chapter 3

4. Tuesday, January 14th - Revelation Chapter 4

5. Wednesday, January 15th - Revelation Chapter 5

6. Thursday, January 16th - Revelation Chapter 6

7. Friday, January 17th - Revelation Chapter 7

8. Saturday, January 18th - Revelation Chapter 8

9. Sunday, January 19th - Revelation Chapter 9

10. Monday, January 20th - Revelation Chapter 10

11. Tuesday, January 21st - Revelation Chapter 11

12. Wednesday, January 22nd - Revelation Chapter 12

13. Thursday, January 23rd - Revelation Chapter 13

14. Friday, January 24th - Revelation Chapter 14

15. Saturday, January 25th - Revelation Chapter 15

16. Sunday, January 26th - Revelation Chapter 16

17. Monday, January 27th - Revelation Chapter 17

18. Tuesday, January 28th - Revelation Chapter 18

19. Wednesday, January 29th - Revelation Chapter 19

20. Thursday, January 30th - Revelation Chapter 20

21. Friday, January 31st - Revelation Chapter 21


How long will we fast?
The fast is 21 days, from Saturday, January 11th – Friday, January 31st, 2020.  

What type of fast?  
Please choose the type of fast that works best for your household, including children.  The most common fasting types include: absolute fast (no food or water), normal fast (water only), liquid fast (broths, smoothies, juices, etc.), or Daniel fast (vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains).

What about social media or watch television?
Unless work related, use this time to immerse yourself in the Word, watching or listening to faith-building messages and music.

Is there a prescribed reading plan?
Yes.  Determine during this fast to seek God early.  God wants us to AMP it up – Awake, Meditate, and Pray. Ask the Lord to guide you into spiritual application of the scriptures.